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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Athlon Car Lease International is a Car Leasing company operating in 9 European countries and based in The Netherlands. Athlon Car Lease is a subsidiary of De Lage Landen (100% Rabobank). With a total fleet size of 225,000 vehicles, we are vitally aware of our responsibilities and have set our own corporate goal of a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2014.

Within our CSR strategy we are focussing on 4 domains in order to be ware of our responsibilities and challenges:

  1. The way we are doing business

  2. Eco-efficiency and HRM policies

  3. Community Involvement

  4. Sustainable and Innovative Solutions

In order to anticipate on current and future trends we have designed our 5-step Sustainable Mobility Plan in which we are shifting from car provider to a provider of mobility services. The Sustainable Mobility Plan contains of the following steps:

  1. Travel only if necessary

  2. If travelling choose the best option

  3. Choose an eco friendly vehicle

  4. Monitor the individual mobility modes

  5. Reinvest savings or compensate residual emissions

The 5-step Sustainable Mobility Plan has been subject to an independent research study which shows both impact on cost- and carbon reductions. This new vision and strategy has been confirmed by Top Management through our CSR strategy and endorsed by all Athlon Car Lease organizations. Our international execution program BEYOND is facilitating the creative mobility within our organization.